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Kuban ORBATs (as near as I can get)

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:39 am
by Silk
Folks - I've been working on some Kuban region Orders of Battle for the Soviet VVS and the Luftwaffe for the period covered by BoK expansion (approximately April to October 1943) and I've managed to come up with this below. Please bear in mind that some may be inaccurate as I have had to delve into various foreign language websites and some of those disagreed about some time frames or unit memberships. I have also shortened many of the Soviet unit names as they are very fond of including honorifics, unit citations and the like in their unit names. If anyone is interested I could probably produce a more exact version of this list with all those full titles in place.

I have tried where possible to include aircraft types and the airfields from which various units flew. The Soviet formations are organised below by unit/sub-unit while the German formations are organised by their home airfield during the period.

USSR - 4th Air Army

216 IAD / SAD (Later 9 GIAD)
16 GIAP – P-39 (Pokryshkin) @ Popovicheskaya
45 IAP – P-39
42 IAP – Yak 7b
57 GIAP – Spitfire Mk Vb @ Popovicheskaya and Slavyanskaya until July 43
84 IAP / 101 GIAP – P-39
104 GIAP – P39 from August 43
821 IAP – Spitfire MK Vb from July 43 @ Tikhoretskaya

217 IAD
40 GIAP – La-5
88 GIAP – La-5

218 Night Bomber Div (NBAD)
48 BAP – A20
452 BAP – A20
453 BAP - A20
588 Light Night Bomber Div (Night Witches) - Po-2

219 BAD
38 BAP – Pe-2
244 Allenstein BAP – A-20
298 iAP / 104 GIAP – P39
366 ORAP – Pe-2 (recce)

229 IAD
88 IAP – LaGG-3
249 IAP – LaGG3 / La-5
790 IAP – Lagg-3
805 IAP – Lagg-3
926 IAP – LaGG-3

230 SHAD
7 GShAP – IL-2
43 GShAP – IL-2
103 ShAP - IL-2 @ Mozdok and Tikhoretskaya
210 ShAP – IL-2
805 ShAP – SB?


10./ZG1 (Bf-110)
Stab./KG51 (Ju-88)
I./KG51 (Ju-88)
III./KG51 (Ju-88)

II./KG55 (He-111 H)

StG 2 (Ju-87 D)
III./StG77 (Ju-87 D)
NAGr 9 (?)
1.(H)/21 (FW-189 A)
7.(H)/32 (FW-189 A)

Stab./JG3 (Bf-109 G)
II./JG3 (Bf-109G)
8./SchG 1 (Hs-129
II./SchG 1 (FW-190 A, HS-123)

Stab./JG52 (Bf-109 G)
II./JG52 (Bf-109 G)
III./JG52 (Bf-109 G)
13 (Slovak)./JG52 (Bf-109G)
15 (Croat)./JG52 (Bf-109 G)

Re: Kuban ORBATs (as near as I can get)

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:44 pm
by Jacko
Nice work. I was looking for Pe2 squadrons for my mission

Re: Kuban ORBATs (as near as I can get)

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:15 pm
by Silk
There were more Pe-2 regiments that were involved in the effort and some that were in and out of 4VA in the periods before and after Kuban. If you want anything more specific I can try looking a bit harder, but this is what I have for now. Hopefully it is enough to see us through until we get back to Western Europe.

I was particularly interested to find out that Pokryshkin's 16 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment was co-located with the Spits of 57 Guards. This makes sense when reading the Spitfires over the Kuban document where it said that the two types often operated together.

Re: Kuban ORBATs (as near as I can get)

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:00 am
by Jacko
Ooooh so we may have a P-39 / Spit combo campaign one day