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Interview with Dieter Hrabak.

S/Ldr. Reggie will be providing us with 'Interviews with the Aces.' We will get the opportunity to 'meet' one ace every week. Please let S/Ldr. Reggie know if you have any suitable material.

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Interview with Dieter Hrabak.

Post by Reggie » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:56 am

S! chaps . .

I have not had time to copy and place photos and what have you in this interview so will just post the link for those who may be interested in having a read.

Dieter Hrabak fought through France, Battle of Britain and Russia, commanding JG52 - who should be well known to all of you as many of the highest scoring aces served in it. The interview was taken by Colin Heaton and appeared in Military History Magazine in 2004 - for those interested please follow this link and enjoy :D
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