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Moggy's Level Bombing Guide Part 1

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Moggy's Level Bombing Guide Part 1

Post by Moggy » Wed May 21, 2008 9:56 pm

This guide is the 1st half of a 2 part guide showing you how to level bomb in IL-2. Level bombing seems to be something of a dark art within Tangmere and personally I think this is a shame and should be addressed. Yes, we're fighter pilots 1st and foremost but this doesn't mean we should only have a few pilots who know their way around a bomb sight and everyone else relying on their flight leader's command...should it? Let me put it to you this way, you're tasked with level bombing and your flight leader is shot down or too badly beaten up by flak or enemy fighters to continue, how would you achieve the mission objectives? Maybe you'll put blind faith in your bomb sight or maybe you'll try to dive bomb a target heavily defended by flak guns, either way any success is more likely to come from luck than skill. More likely you'll miss the target and lose out on those mission points safe in the knowledge it was impossible anyway as the flight leader was lost.
My aim for this guide is to familiarize you with the bomb sight, show you it's basic controls and operation. I can't turn you into a fantastic "pickle barrel" bomber pilot...only you can do that with practice and plenty of it. In short you'll get out of level bombing exactly what you put in.

You will need to download and install this excellent bomb sight utility: ... ow&kid=337

This level bombing manual is by far the best guide for level bombingg and I consider it vital reading: ... ls&id=3431


What better to place to start than to look at the controls. It never ceases to amaze me just how many TP'ers don't have their bomb sight controls setup. Level bombing aside, the gyroscopic gun sight found on the P-51d and YP-80 uses the bomb sight controls to alter it's parameters and this gun sight is the best in game. To start of with, you need to setup the 9 bomb sight controls. The perfect place for these are on the number keypad. The keypad makes bombing so much easier, very quickly it becomes 2nd nature. This is how mine are arranged but using Ctrl + number pad keys works just as well;


You will also need to setup (if you haven't already done so) the level stabilizer key, the rudder and elevator trim controls (left, right & neutral). These are vital to a successful bombing mission.

Bombsight Table 2

Let's take a look at this useful little utility you've downloaded. Once you've installed it and run the program. You can switch it on and off by pressing shift + pause break (very useful in game as it gets in the way of buttons). Start up IL2 FB and jump into a B-25 either in QMB or a mission. Jump into the bomber's position by pressing 'C' once and then press shift + F1 to bring up the bomb sight. Press shift + pause break to bring up the bombsight table. If you don't like where it's positioned i.e. obstructing the sight itself, speed bar or messages. You can pause the game, Alt + Tab out and reposition the bombsight table. Keep going between desktop and the game until you're happy with it's position. Here's an example pic, bear in mind the lower your resolution the bigger the table will appear;



Right, with your new bombing keyboard setup you need to know what you're bombing so it's off to the Ops room. Familiarize yourself with the briefing especially your height, the route, type of bombs, any bomb delay, possible flak sites or hot spots (especially near the target) and the weather. If you're lucky enough to have recon photos these can be invaluable, not only showing you your target but also the area around your target. Aside from showing you possible flak battery locations, it will show you the lay of the land. Study this carefully as more likely than not you'll see the surrounding land around your target a long time before you see the target. This will help you with lining up your target later on.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

I cannot stress this enough, level bombing is all in the preparation. From the moment you take off till the time the bombs have left the racks, you need to be preparing for the bomb run and the bombing itself. On the arming screen, switch your bomb delay to 0.0 seconds unless told otherwise by the briefing. I'm going to assume we're going to bomb our target using a B-25 at an altitude of 3,000 M. Once we're up to 3,000 M we'll set our throttles to 80% (any less and the level stabilizer struggles to maintain level flight), prop pitch to 100%, radiators open and engage the level stabilizer and use full up on the elevator trim controls to maintain level flight. Obviously we'll need to turn off the level stabilizer when we reach waypoints. When you turn off the level stabilzer it helps to re-centre the elevator trim to neutral before you turn. After you've turned re engage the level stabilizer and use full up on the elevator trim again. Once we've settled down at 3,000 M and we're cruising happily at 80% throttle, it's time to turn on the bomb sight table (shift + pause break) and set it to 3,000 M and 310 KPH (or whatever speed you're doing). You do this by using Shift + Page up or Page down to change the altitude (top of the table) and Ctrl + page up or down to change the IAS (underneath the altitude). Notice how the Angle in red changes, you'll be using this figure later to help you drop your bombs.

And that's it for part 1, I've taught you the most important part of bombing...the preparation. Looking forward to part 2 I'll be teaching you the 2 ways of dropping those bombs right into the proverbial pickle barrel, the automatic way and the manual way.
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Post by Tigertooo » Thu May 22, 2008 9:13 am

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Post by Dutch » Wed May 28, 2008 8:51 am

Excellent Moggy, I look forward to part two.
I wanna go full-horrible. Take me to the nasties.

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