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Aviation, Tactics & Gunnery

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Aviation, Tactics & Gunnery

Post by Yammo » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:23 pm

Feel free to add any tutorials about:
- [Aerodynamics]
- [Systems]
- [ACM] Air Combat Maneuvers
- [Tactics]
- [Gunnery]
- Level, Dive & Skip [Bombing]

Aerodynamics - "Propellers: Spitfire" (by A2A Simulations Accu-Sim)

Systems - "Wings of Power 3: Spitfire " (by A2A Simulations Accu-Sim)

Gunnery - "Bag the Hun" (by EAF602 Joe90)

Gunnery - "How to use the Sight..." (by Dart)

Tactics - "The High/Low, In/Out Technique" (by Dart)

Bombing - "Norden Bombsight, or how to hit a pickle barrel from 30'000ft" (by Russell Boydt)

"How to Skip Bomb" (by Dart)

Series: Fighter Tactics Series (By BigSilverHotdog)
ACM - "Reversing a bounce"

ACM - "The head-to-head sideslip"

ACM - "Boom and Zoom"

ACM - "Rolling Scissors"

ACM - "Stall Fighting"

Tactics - "Discipline and Restraint"

Tactics - "Defensive Choices"

Tactics - "Energy Cooperation"

Tactics - "The drag & bag"

Series: Rise of Flight (By Requiem10NS)
ACM - "Chandelle or Rope-A-Dope"

ACM - "Lag Displacement Roll"

ACM - "Rolling scissors"

Gunnery - "How to zero your gunsights"

Tactics - "Defensive Split"

Tactics - "Drag and Bag"

Tactics - "Boom & Zoom"

ACM - Basic ACM and Merge Tactics" (by Murdr) ... -merge.htm
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Post by Swallow » Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:27 pm

Practice, practice, practice...

Many thanks, Yamms, for this compilation. Firstly, I love Dart; secondly, I resent Bigsilverhotdog :x - he's just too good; thirdly, it looks as if I'd better fire up FSX for the first time in almost a year. I bought the ASA bomber and 1st fighter collection and they were fab - it was and remains great fun bringing the Lanc into London City Airport, etc, etc... But I don't have time...

But good stuff about engine management and props, etc. Many thanks.

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