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Charlie's (genius) guide to unbuilding and repairing a PC...

Get advice on your tackle, or for Charlie to ask questions when he's broken his computer.

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Charlie's (genius) guide to unbuilding and repairing a PC...

Post by charlie » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:30 pm

So, as I said before, I am a genius, therefore have offered some sage advice below on repairing a PC:

1. Shout/swear a lot at your PC when it stops working
2. Open it up a stare in wonder at all the lovely cables and things
3. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and pull out the cables (after convincing yourself you will remember where they all fitted)
4. Cut all the cables off your PSU (which incidentally you discover was in perfectly working order after buying another) as you couldn't get them out of the gaps in the internal structure (not thinking to take off the other side of your case)
5. Plug every thing in and test all bits one by one, get bored and then guess that it just MUST be the Motherboard causing the mischief
6. Buy a new Motherboard (not realising that your old one still has a year's warranty left)
7. Exult in your own genius as it all now works (but forget about wasting £80 on a new PSU), and feel really smug that you remembered where all the cables went!

See, I am genius...easy! :thumbup :banana
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