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Warthog HOTAS

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:44 pm
by Hatter
I still haven't finished setting up all the switches in a way that I like. I have the basics: pitch, throttle, mixture and trim well established, but I wonder if anyone has any suggestions about setting up the switches. It seems a bit odd to have to flick them on/off/on for some of the functions.

Re: Warthog HOTAS

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:00 pm
by Bunny
I have flaps set to the actual flaps switch on the hotas
autolevel set to autopilot switch on the hotas
canopy open/close set to the silence l/g wrn switch on the hotas
1st engine start set to Eng OPER L switch on the hotas
2nd engine start set to Eng OPER R switch on the hotas
all engines select deselect set to the APU Start switch on the hotas
dive brakes set to RDR ALTM switch on the hotas
1st engine select set to the ENG L switch on the hotas
2nd engine select set to the ENG R FLOW switch on the hotas
Gear up down set on the RED switch on the right throttle control
supercharger set to the grey switch above the red switch
tail gear lock / unlock set to the red push button on the left hand throttle control
spitfire / 110 radiator switch set on the silver switch on the left hand throttle
radio comms set on the little black push button on the right hand throttle

hope that helps

Re: Warthog HOTAS

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:23 pm
by Hatter
Baby, you're the BEST!

Sparky's Warthog HOTAS stick and throttle quadrant setup

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:44 pm
by Sparky
First, here's a picture for the numbering of my list. The depicted setup is someone's DCS setup for an A-10C or some other jet.

Note: to see throttle quadrant you may have to use the slider at the bottom of this post to slide your view to the right


Sparky’s TP IL2 HOTAS setup
Joystick, by diagram switch number:
1. Gun trigger – fire all guns
2. Bomb release
3. (Pinky button) 3dmegoto 10x zoom
4. (lever) Soviet and British brake lever, nose wheel and tail wheel brake, center VR view
5. Brings up map (set to 38% transparency/opacity)
6. Gun trigger second stage – still fire all guns
7. 7-10 are to swivel the camera Up-R-Dn-L when in external view
11. view closest enemy
12. cockpit view
13. VR zoom
14. external view
15. lock/unlock tailwheel
16. right rudder trim
17. pause on/off (single player)
18. left rudder trim
POV1 trim switch: elevator/stabilizer trim nose up, aileron right, elevator/stabilizer nose down, aileron left

Throttle quadrant (to see the throttle in the illustration you may have to go to the slider at the BOTTOM of this post and slide it to the right)

POV switch: open/close intake-upper/outer-lower cowl flaps
Right Throttle: throttle
Left throttle: propeller RPM
1. Boost on/off
2. Supercharger stage change
3. Water radiator open
4. Oil radiator open
5. Water radiator close
6. Oil radiator close
Speedbrake switch: speedbrake open/close
Boat switch: landing gear extend/retract
China hat: flaps extend/retract
13/14 mission dependant (level bombsight on, etc.)
15. autopilot on/level flight

(flat panel)

16. landing light on/off
17. navigation lights on/off
18/19 unassigned
20. engine start
21. eject
22/23 flaps switch – unassigned (more convenient to use China hat switch)
24. canopy open/close
25. instrument lighting (my VR view is dark, need to light up instruments)
26/27/28 mission dependant
31/32: L/R Me-262 engine start
Throttle friction control/slider 0: mixture control

I have a button box for additional settings: refuel and rearm, toggles to adjust range and wingspan for gyro gunsight, parking brake, 3dmegoto screen brightness, etc.

Re: Warthog HOTAS

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:13 pm
by Tom
You don't really need to bother with the various toggle switches if you don't want to.

My controls are set up as shown below. Some controls are set like they are as a carry over form previous controls and to avoid having to retrain the muscle memory.

Note: I disengage the left throttle and use that for prop pitch.