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Opening old missions in BOSEditor

Prangster is the Resident Expert on Battle of Stalingrad mission designing and building. He will impart his great wisdom within the hallowed halls of this room.

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Opening old missions in BOSEditor

Post by Prangster »

After the latest 2.006 update (19 December 2016) your missions wont load. This is normal but this update adds an extra issue with a change to the Complex Trigger.

So as normal with updates that change the mission binary format you need to delete the .msnbin file and re-save the mission to create a new one. You can do this by opening the mission and saving or by using Resave All Missions in Folder in the Tools menu of the BOSEditor.

This will work with all mission except those containing Complex Trigger MCUs. This is because the CheckEntities tick box has been replaced with CheckPlanes. To get these missions to load you will need to edit the .Mission file in Notepad++. Open the .Mission file in Notepad++ and use the Replace tool in the Search menu to find the CheckEntities entries and replaced them with CheckPlanes.

Thanks to Swallow for recommending Notepad++.
F/Sgt. Prangster
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