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CloD crashes, how to deal with it ( courtesy Moggy)

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CloD crashes, how to deal with it ( courtesy Moggy)

Post by Tigertooo »

From the ATAG Forum about CLOD crashes.

Dear all, please find a master-list of all suggested fixes and tips for reducing Cliffs of Dover crashes since the TF patch. Most of this information is from the ATAG forums. I will add to this list as I find more threads containing fixes to past problems.

Follow the (un-official) TF patch install video:

Repair the MS-Dotnet
See 5 minutes into this Video:

Re-run the DX-setup
See 5 minutes into this video:

Disable Windows7 Update KB2670838 ... php?t=3528

Check the Launcher Compatibility in Steam ... #post41788

Disable any sweetfx or injectfx you have running
Remove “dxg9.dll” from your game folder

NVidia users, try playing with your NVidia driver settings: ... php?t=3135 ... tings.html

Try disabling any Printers you might have installed ... 977&page=2

Update your Graphics Drivers, and try lowering your in-game Graphics settings ... php?t=4037

Disable your Anti-Virus
Find the anti-virus in your task bar or windows task list and disable it. It will restore when you re-boot.

Run the Launcher in "administrator" mode
Place a shortcut to the launcher (from your game folder) on your desktop. When you want to run CloD, right-click the shortcut and select "run as administrator"
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