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Index of all Articles Posted and Still Available.

S/Ldr. Reggie will be providing us with 'Interviews with the Aces.' We will get the opportunity to 'meet' one ace every week. Please let S/Ldr. Reggie know if you have any suitable material.

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Index of all Articles Posted and Still Available.

Post by Reggie » Fri May 20, 2005 12:14 pm

Right chaps, here it is again. This is a listing of all the articles I have posted in the Lecture Room over the last 18 months or so and still have copies of saved on my hard drive. I will be adding to this from now as I post more articles. Seeing as an article will only be up for 2 weeks and then removed I will hold these so that if anyone wants to re-read any of the articles in the list, all you need to do is drop me a pm or an e-mail and I will send it off to you for your reading pleasure.

Index of Stories Posted in the Lecture Room.

1). The Story of Squadron Leader Pat Pattle.

2). Polish Pilots Remembered - Mieczyslaw Sawicki.

3). William Avery “Billy” Bishop World War 1 Ace.

4). A Japanese Pilot Remembers - Zenji Abe – Zero Pilot in World War 2.

5). Interview with Adolf Galland – German World War 2 Ace.

6). Andrew Charles Mynarski – A VC Awarded for Incredible Bravery.

7). Wolfpack Ace Robert S. Johnson – American P47 Pilot.

8). Red Baron – The Manfred Von Richtofen Story.

9). Russ Bannock – Canada’s Second - Highest Scoring Ace in World War 2.

10). The Condor Legion in Spanish Skies.

11). Interview with Robert Stanford Tuck – RAF Ace.

12). John Ellacombe – Rhodesian Hurricane and Mosquito Pilot.

13). Luftwaffe in the Crosshairs – Interview with RAF Ace Dennis David .

14). Ernst Udet – The Rise and Fall of a German Ace.

15). Interview With Frantisek Perina – Czechoslovakian Ace in the RAF in World War 2.

16). Adolph Gysbert “ Sailor” Malan – South African Ace with the RAF in World War 2.

17). Interview with Gregory “Pappy” Boyington – America’s highest scoring Ace in World War 2.

18). Interview with Franck Hurlbut – American Ace Flying the P38 in the Mediterranean Theatre in World War 2.

19). Interview with charles McGee – Leading “Tuskegee Airman” Ace in World War 2.

20). Warren Cowan - One of Australia’s Forgotten Heroes.

21). Interview with Douglas Bader – RAF Legless Ace in World War 2.

22). Hans Hasse Wind – Finnish Ace flying Brewsters and Me109’s in World War 2.

23). Interview with General Robert L. Scott – American Fighter Ace in World War 2 and Flying Tigers Pilot.

24). Interview with Rudy Opitz - Mersserchmitt Me163 Test Pilot.

25). Herschell “Herky” Green – American P51 Ace in World War 2.

26). Hans-Joachim Marseille – Germany’s Top Scoring Ace in North Africa in World War 2.

27). Interview with Walter Krupinski – German Ace in World War 2.

28). Interview with Yurii Khukhrikov – Russian IL2 Pilot in World War 2.

29). Wing Commander Joseph Frederick 'Joe' Fraser – Second Highest Scoring Allied Biplane Ace in World War 2.

30). Interview with Franz Stigler - German Luftwaffe Ace in World War 2.

31). William George Barker – Royal Flying Corps Ace in World War 1.

32). Interview with WW2 Luftwaffe Night Fighter Pilot Czypionka – Flying mainly the Me262 Jet in World War 2.

33). Interview with General Johannes Steinhoff – German Luftwaffe Ace in World War 2.

34). James Forrest “Lou” Louma – RAF Mosquito pilot in World War 2.

35). Percival Stanley “Stan” Turner RAF Ace in World War 2 Part 1 - The Battle of France.

36). Percival Stanley “Stan” Turner RAF Ace in World War 2 Part 2 - The Battle of Britain.

37). Percival Stanley “Stan” Turner RAF Ace in World War 2 Part 3 - 145 Squadron.

38 ). Percival Stanley “Stan” Turner RAF Ace in World War 2 Part 4 - 134 and 417RCAF Squadrons in North Africa and Italy.

39). George Beurling – RAF Ace in World War 2 Flying Mainly in Malta.

40). Bruno Peressini - Italian Ground Crew Remembers World War 2.

41). Flying With Chennault – The Story of the American Volunteer Group In China.

42). Interview with General Chuck Yaeger – American Ace in World War 2 and Korea and the man who first broke the sound barrier.

43). James "Stocky" Edwards Part 1 - Training To The Battle for Tobruk.

44). James "Stocky" Edwards Part 2 - The First & Second Battles of El Alamein.

45). James "Stocky Edwards Part 3 - The Battle for Tunisia to Retirement.

46). Interview with RAF Fighter Ace Robert Stanford Tuck.

47). Interview with a WW2 C47 transport pilot.

48 ). Irving Farmer "Hap" Kennedy -WW2 Fighter Pilot.

49). Robert Wendell "Buck" Mcnair - WW2 Fighter Pilot.

50). Interview with Clarence Murl Jasper - WW2 Mosquito Ace

51). Hiroyoshi Nishizawa - Japanese Ace.

52). Erich Hartmann - The Final Interview.

53). Harry Hardy - Typhoon Pilot.

54). Milford Merrill - SBD Dauntless Pilot at Midway.
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