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New OTU instructor

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Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Dickie »

There were many F/S instructors during the war, I think it's a great idea. Congrats Cheese, an excellent choice for the position! <S>

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Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Bunny »


If we cant have Tiger in the seat then I cant think of two better chaps to take on his duties. Well done you two!

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Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Jab »

Well Done, both of you.

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Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Hatter »

Hooray for head Cheese. And Flash.
"Oh God!"

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Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Swallow »

But who's going to translate? I suppose we'll need two - one who's fluent in Brum, and one who's fluent in Cheese (so to speak)...


Re: New OTU instructor

Post by Cheese »



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