All new recruits attend an official training program for a few weeks in an OTU unit before they get thrown into the real combat, so don't worry if you are only a beginner! Below is a summary of training requirements...

Royal Air Force
airmanship   AIRMANSHIP

Display competency with taxiing, take-off, landing, engine management and the appropriate use of flaps.

flying a hawker hurricane   FLYING

Gaining specified height, keeping to specified speed. Basic manoeuvres, formation flying, collision awareness and flying with limited visibility.

navigation training   NAVIGATION

Demonstrate the ability to correctly follow navigation points and flying on a navigational heading.

gunnery training   GUNNERY

Accurate targeting and appropriate use of ammunition. Display awareness of 'friendly fire'.

tangmere pilot procedures   OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES

Listening, carrying out instructions, being a 'team player'. Knowing how to connect online and be ready at the prescribed times.

tangmere pilots handbook   PILOT'S HANDBOOK

To have read the Pilot's Handbook and to demonstrate a clear understanding of what is required of a 'Tangmere Pilot'.

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